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Each of us had a childhood dream. Someone dreamed about a bicycle, someone about a beautiful doll, a good school bag, a suit of "Spiderman" and much more.
As the largest network of toy stores in Azerbaijan, "The Toy Store Azerbaijan", we are holding a series of charity events in accordance with our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Our charity activities:

Asan məktub

- "Pleasing gift" with "Asan məktub"
- Collection and charity events for children suffering from health problems
- Charitable activities initiated and proposed by orphanages, charitable societies, charitable foundations, public associations, public organizations and associations, civil organizations.
Project "Pleasing gift" with "Asan məktub"
Talking about a happy child's time, we remember the family, wonderful moments, dreams come true. Childhood affects our future life and becomes the basis of our memories. But not everyone has a happy childhood. Many remain unfulfilled dreams. And to realize these desires is not always possible. Sometimes material opportunity, and sometimes being an orphan interfere with this.
The project "ASAN Məktub", based on the principle of "Happiness is more if you share it", uniting all people regardless of their social status, age, religion, language, race or place of residence around a single spiritual bond desires.
In general, according to the "Asan Məktub" Project, every child under the age of 14 who needs social care writes letters that will be delivered by Asan Xidmət volunteers, and good people will respond to them.
As part of the “Pleasing Gift” project, all branches of “The Toy Store Azerbaijan” shops are provided with special discount prices on toys that will be placed in the “Pleasing Gift” boxes located on the territory of our stores by customers, in turn these gifts are regularly The workers of "Asan xidmət" are delivered to the right addresses.
In addition to the toys bought by customers, our company sends at its own expense for this project "Asan Xidmət" products for orphanages located in the republic, poor families, children in need of social assistance, thereby realizing the dreams of children.
For more information about our charitable activities, please contact us at phone numbers, email addresses and social networking addresses.